Patrice M. Regnier

Choreographer Writer Director Inventor

choreographer inventor writer director

Photo Credit: Tom Gruber

Photo Credit: Tom Gruber

Patrice M Regnier has choreographed, directed and produced over 200 performances and events in venues such as the Joyce Theater, Alice Tully Hall, and Lincoln Center Out of Doors in New York, the Châtelet Theater and the Avignon Festival in France, and the Opera House in Cologne and Academie de Kuntz in Berlin, Germany. A graduate of the Juilliard School and Interlochen Arts Academy, her choreography has been commissioned by theater and dance groups in the US and Europe. She is founder of three entities - ARTeam, an association of art and technology experts, Human Development Productions which is a film and video group and RUSH DANCE Company which for 20 years presented regular seasons in New York as well as toured internationally. The Burlington Noontime Festival was founded and produced by Patrice as well as the At Home On Broadway series.


Patrice’s work has been broadcast nationally in several countries including France, Japan, Russia and the US. In 2013, the film will be presented at the Naperville Film Festival in Illinois and the NURT Film Festival in Poland.  Presently she worked on a 4-part TV series called Naptime. Her finished documentary, Moving Gracefully Towards the Exit, has been accepted to numerous film festivals including the Santa Cruz Film Festival and the European Independent Film Festival where it won Best European Independent Documentary 2013. Presently, it is being shown at the We Speak, Here film festival and can be accessed here.


Patrice became interested in the possibilities of creating new technologies for dance and performing arts through discussions with Marvin Minsky and Jerome Wiesner, the former serving on her board of advisors and the latter on her board of directors. Her work was presented three times at SIGGRAPH. During her years as consultant at Interval Research Corporation, she was mis en scene for their show in London, featuring among others Thomas Dolby. She has spoken on panels including F.A.U.S.T., an art and technology conference in Toulous, France. She has taught and presented at Pace University, Drew University, University of Colorado, University of California, and also at Colorado College. She has been creative consultant for several companies including Interval Research Corporation, a company founded by Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft. In September of 2013, she was a speaker at the Envision Conference in Monterey.


Her work with bodies and technology includes the first ballet that integrated 3-D human movement computer animation (not motion capture) with live performance. This ballet, RAB, toured in several countries notably to Chicago for SIGGRAPH in the Arie Crown Theater. Subsequently, the short film RABL, with Ed Lachman as Director of Photography, was broadcast nationally in the US as well as Japan and Russia. In FOCI she incorporated a broad range of MIDI-controlled, custom electronic special effects and robotics into live performance.

In her quest to get regular people to better understand and experience what kinetic communication means, Patrice developed the TERP system. "As a rule very few people are exposed to the art of dance or even the idea of moving their own bodies in unusual ways to communicate originality. My contention is this leaves the general public without the tools to feel/comprehend the kinetic vocabulary and syntax of dance." The TERP system is a wireless, multi-channeled broadcast system of custom-made hardware and software for composing, directing, and driving human movement without rehearsal. Having invented and received multiple patents for the TERP System and a trademark for TERP, she continues to invent and realize TERP events in NYC. Check out a short video on the TERP System.